Monday, March 21, 2016

A&E's new Groundbreaking Series The Extractors Starring Evan "Bullet" James Premiers Sunday April 17th @ 3pmET/PT

Evan "Bullet" James
Extreme Interventionist & Star of A&E's new Groundbreaking Series 

The Extractors
Premiers Sunday April 17th @ 3pmET/PT
Jamie Kennedy
Actor and Stand-up Comedian; Producer of The Extractors

Extreme Interventionist EVAN “BULLET” JAMES Joins Forces with Teen Adolescent Placement Services to Extract Teens Out of Life Threatening Situations and Save Lives 

Los Angeles, Ca. – March, 2016 – Evan “Bullet” James and his team of crisis drug interventionists are tackling the war on drugs, as they search, locate and transport troubled young people to rehabilitation.  Their incredible mission has been captured by Muse Entertainment/Sweatshop Media cameras and will premier Sunday April 17 at 3PM ET/PT on A&E.  

These teens and young adults come from all walks of life; some being gang members, others have resorted to prostitution, many live on the streets while others grew up as the boy or girl “next door.”

Bullet and his team, “The Extractors,” go beyond the typical intervention process.  Standard interventions take place in a safe and planned location with family and close friends.  Extractions can take place any where, any time, and the team of extractors never know what or who is behind the closed door housing the troubled individual. Extractions are used when individuals are in dangerous, life-threatening situations and must be taken out of harms way immediately.

Leader of the pack is Evan “Bullet” James, ex-con, gangster, and recovering drug addict (he is almost 29 years clean). Bullet possess over two decades of experience in the industry. He is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after extreme drug interventionists in the world. Bullet has a no-nonsense but empathetic approach to saving troubled youth.  BulleTt was a former high school sports hero turned drug-addicted gang member who lost his sister Valerie to heroin and hit his own bottom living in a gas station bathroom. Bullet became a UCLA accredited drug counselor, certified intervention specialist and motivational speaker. He now devotes his life to saving others from the fate he narrowly escaped.

“When a child becomes a threat to themselves or others and all else has failed, families reach out to us.”  says Bullet.  “Over the last 20 years, my team and I have battled to save over 1200 kids from jail or death. Some people have a problem with what we do.  They say it’s upsetting, or traumatic.  What I say to them is, ‘If it was your son or daughter, we are exactly who you’d want to call.’”

Other Extractors include Bullet's childhood partner in crime, Michael O’Connor, along with Lauren Nicole a former L.A County, EMT, whom is also Bullet's fiance, and Tony Pallotto, founder of Teen Adolescent Placement Services. Bullet has helped "Uncle Tony" run TAPS since 1999, (TAPS/, is unique non-profit that connects Bullet’s team of extractors with families in desperate need.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Playboy TV's Cougar Club Is Ready To Devour Reality TV

BURBANK, Calif.March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Playboy TV announces the premiere of its most ambitious series yet, Cougar Club LA. This highly anticipated new docu-reality series is set to air beginning Saturday, March 19th at 10pm ET/PT, exclusively on Playboy TV. From the creative mind behind The Real WorldThe Osbournes and Last Comic StandingCougar Club LA puts you in a mansion with five sensual, mature and single women who are always looking to devour young men.
Thanks to celebrity cougars such as Courteney CoxSandra BullockJennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon, interest in the older woman/younger man dynamic has exploded. There are now dozens of dating websites catering specifically to men seeking partners that are more experienced, while more and more, successful, single women across the country are openly embracing the cougar lifestyle. Just like their male counterparts, powerful women want arm candy, and Cougar Club LA will reveal every single step of their "catch and release" mating rituals.
"Cougar Club follows an amazing group of women who are beautiful, fearless and unapologetically predatory." Playboy TV Vice President of Programming and Production, Wendy Miller adds, "Women who are older than their male partners have a completely different power dynamic. Cougars take charge and younger guys are more than happy to oblige a woman who's confident, experienced and goes after exactly what she wants."  
Learn why more and more older women prefer dating younger men during the inaugural season of Cougar Club LA, premiering Saturday, March 19th at 10pm ET/PT only on Playboy TV. 
See the latest Cougar Club Trailer:
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