Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dr. Drew on The Ricki Lake Show - TUES: Addicted Housewives

The Ricki Lake Show - TUES: Addicted Housewives
Dr. Drew talks to Ricki about addiction and Dr. Deena Manion and Creative Care Malibu www.creativecareinc.com offer much needed help to a woman who is struggling with her addiction to pain killers.  This is a heartbreaking episode.

Dr. Drew and Ricki help real housewives overcome addiction.
November 13 The face of addiction has changed over the last decade. Studies are proving that more and more seemingly successful stay-at-home moms are silently suffering from some form of addiction.
Dr. Drew Pinsky, American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist and television and radio personality (VH1's "Rehab," syndicated radio show "Loveline") joins Ricki to shed some light on the alarming increase in full-time homemakers who have severe addictions to, among other things, prescription pills and compulsive shopping.  Ricki introduces Dr. Drew to a modern-day "Carol Brady" -- a woman with three lovely girls and three lively stepsons -- who seems to have it all, but is secretly suffering from a crippling addiction to prescription pills.  Will Dr. Drew be able to convince her to go straight from the show into rehab?

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